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Re: RFC: mplayer

I'll try to modify the Makefile for autodetect ppc, but that'll have to 
wait for another time.  I modified the Makefile, and just changed the 
config options (--target=ppc-openbsd, because mplayer doesn't 
autodetect macppc on openbsd).  The output of [make install] is at 
[http://www.theapt.org/openbsd/mplayer.txt].  It fails while it is 
looking for some videx headers, even though it is disabled in the 
config.  It is also looking for libdha, which is only mentioned in the 
failure messages, not in the build output.  IIRC, there were/are 
problems building a "virgin" copy of mplayer-0.90pre3 with libdha on 
macppc.  If you have specific entries/code for me to try, let me know.  
Details on my OpenBSD/MacPPC machine are at 

On Tuesday 07 May 2002 10:46 pm, Peter Valchev wrote:
> >  * might compile on ppc (some Makefile tweaking required)
> I plan on looking at this when the rest is solved.
> So I have done some changes and have put an updated version here:
> http://www.sightly.net/pvalchev/ports/mplayer.tar.gz
> One of the main things is that I switched the logic so that gas from
> new binutils is used (put a symlink into ${WRKDIR}/bin which is in
> front of the path), and then just use the old gas wherever in PIC
> mode (by setting the PATH manually, this was done in 2 places).  This
> removes the need for around 10 patches, but it needs more testing. 
> Also the win32 flavor uses the graphics/win32-codecs already existing
> port, I created a dvd flavor using libdvdread (which I can't test
> because of lack of hardware), etc.  I have not yet looked at why the
> GUI does not build, probably something easy...  Please let me know
> how that works for you.

Peter Hessler