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New port for testing: Evolution

Here is my port of Ximian's Evolution for testing:

Please note, while I've been using it for some time now, there are some
outstanding issues that need looking at.  The most annoying by far is I
can't get it to reliably find it's own default local email folders --
you know Inbox, Drafts etc.  Non-email folders (like Tasks and Calendar)
are fine and user created local folders are fine as well.  Since I use
it for IMAP, the problem is mostly avoided.  POP users beware :(.

Also, there are issues with imlib that I'm told are Gnome problems, I
had to turn off MIT-shm in imlib to get it to stop complaining.  You may
also generate X Bigfont-extension errors, which (on my system) seem to
be harmless.  I haven't been able to track them down.

As for requirements, Evolution requires everything and their brother. 
For basic use you'll need the four new gnome ports I posted earlier
(bonobo, bonobo-conf, gal, gtkhtml) as well as gnome-print.

For SSL support, you need Mozilla :(.  More accuratly you need libnss
and libnspr which are included in Mozilla.  The Mozilla updates I also
posted a while ago will create subpackages for both NSS and NSPR (tho
still NOT a working Mozilla).

Finally, I have included a 'CFLAGS= -g' line in the Makefile to create
binaries that can actually be helpful but the install process insists on
stripping them.  I've left the debug line in because it's easy enough to
find the unstripped binary you want in the build tree and work with it.

Obviously there's some work to be done but all that aside, it really
does work well :).


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