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Re: New: Four Gnome ports

As per a suggestion...


Bonobo 1.0.20:    http://www.lectroid.net/projects/ports/bonobo.tar.gz

Bonobo is the GNOME foundation for writing and implementing reusable
software Components.  Components are pieces of software that provide
a well-defined interface and are designed to be used in cooperation
with other components.  In the Bonobo universe, CORBA is used as
the communication layer that binds components together.

Bonobo-conf 0.14:

The Bonobo Configuration System (BCS) consists of several parts.
An API to access configuration data, a database to store configuration
values in XML format and a system to visualise and edit configuration
data. The whole system is built on top of bonobo and ORBit (CORBA).

Gal 0.19:         http://www.lectroid.net/projects/ports/gal.tar.gz

This module contains some library functions that came from Gnumeric
and Evolution.  The idea is to reuse the code across various larger
GNOME applications that might want to use it.

Gtkhtml 1.0.2:    http://www.lectroid.net/projects/ports/gtkhtml.tar.gz

GtkHTML is a lightweight HTML rendering/printing/editing engine.
It was originally based on KHTMLW, part of the KDE project, but is
now being developed independently.