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new ports: viewcvs and cvsgraph


* viewcvs

from pkg/DESCR:
ViewCVS can browse directories, change logs, and specific revisions of
files. It can display diffs between versions and show selections of
files based on tags or branches. In addition, ViewCVS has "annotation"
or "blame" support, Bonsai-like query facilities, template-based page
generation, and support for individually configuring virtual hosts. It
also includes support for CvsGraph -- a program to display the tree of
revisions and branches graphically. Currently, the functionality of
ViewCVS surpasses that of cvsweb.

it's running at http://piestrak.waw.pl/cvs/viewcvs.cgi with openbsd's
ports repo.

* cvsgraph

from pkg/DESCR:
CvsGraph creates a graphic representation of the revisions and branches
in a cvs/rcs repository. CvsGraph is inspired on the 'graph'-option from

i've tested it only as a part of viewcvs but it can also be used as a
standalone program.

any comments?

"The joy of coding Python should be in seeing short, concise, readable
classes that express a lot of action in a small amount of clear code -- not
in reams of trivial code that bores the reader to death." -- Guido van Rossum

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