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Re: New Port: games/circuslinux

> This port uses SDL sound and graphics. I made an openbsd flavor to
> provide OpenBSD style graphics. I know these graphics would be better
> distributed in an additional distfile, but I hardly understood how to
> accomplish this. Maybe someone can point me to a good example. For now
> I put all the stuff into ${FILESDIR}.

This is unacceptable.

If need be, put a separate distfile.  You add the filename to DISTFILES
as DISTFILES+=distname:1 (not the :1 part) and add MASTER_SITES1 where
it will be fetched from.  There are examples all over the place, open
your eyes.
> One cool thing is, this port can use REAL Atari 2600 paddles attached to
> your joystick port! I disabled support for this feature because I don't
> have those paddles. Someone wants to test it?

If it uses SDL for the joysticks, anything different from USB won't work
on OpenBSD.