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Re: New: non-gnu getopt long

on 19/3/02, at the evil hour of 7:11 PM +0100, Artur Grabowski wrote:
Liam <allenwc_(_at_)_shaw_(_dot_)_ca> writes:

 Descr: an extension to getopt that adds long option processing.

 http://www.infomatrix.ca/ports/libungnu.tgz is the port
 http://www.infomatrix.ca/ports/libungu-1.2.tar.gz is the distfile

I love typos, don't you? Aarg!

http://www.infomatrix.ca/ports/libungnu-1.2.tar.gz is the distfile
http://www.infomatrix.ca/ports/libungnu-1.2.tgz is the package

Well, at least I got the port right! ;-)

-- William C. Allen, BLS, EET allenwc_(_at_)_infomatrix_(_dot_)_ca www.infomatrix.ca