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Re: Music Typesetting Software

Brian J. Kifiak <bk_(_at_)_rt_(_dot_)_fm> wrote:
> > Maybe I'll finish it soon...
> Well, at least one other person is interested in seeing this, so
> I've posted the unfinished port as I may not follow through on it
> for a while.  Feel free to bend it into shape, or not.
> http://rt.fm/~bk/tmp/lilypond-unfinished.tar.gz
> I quickly updated it to 1.4.9.

I have patched it enough that it now builds, installs, and works.
Still some rough edges, though.  See:


> It's very rough around the edges.
> Some caveats:
>   o The lilypond binary won't work because of a path issue.
>     Somewhere ${DESTDIR} isn't being expanded.

Fixed, by patching a whole bunch of makefiles and not putting "dest"
in CONFIGURE_STYLE.  Need to submit those patches to the upstream

>   o There are some warnings generated during the build/install
>     process that I haven't looked into.

Still there.

>   o A ``make plist'' needs tweaking to remove the
>     @dirrm share/locale/... commands.


>   o I'm sure there's more.

    o The examples aren't being installed - a makefile bug that I
      haven't worked on.

    o The info pages are installed as "GNU Lilypond" rather than
      "lilypond", so if you do an "info lilypond" info shows you the
      minimal man page.  I found this quite unintuitive.

On the bright side, I've been able to make decent-looking sheet music
with it already.

I won't have any time at all for this before late January, which is
why I'm passing on unfinished work.  Sorry for the mass email, but I
don't know who all emailed Brian to begin with.