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choad-0.8.2 / p5-CDDB new ports

Choad is grip ( the cd rip, convert to mp3, add cddb tags ) for the


p5-CDDB is a perl-library choad needs.

You wouldn't want your firewall to get bored would you?

Anyway. These are my first ports from scratch, the tin-port is a mere
updates. So please test and comment them.

* I discovered when I was nearly done that audio/p5-CDDB_get also
  exists. Would that be compatible?

* Choad in itself did not have an installer or anything like it so I
  made one in files/. It that the correct way to do it?

* The package will also work with ogg so the dependency on lame is not
  a very strong one. What to do with it?

* There are other even weaker dependencies. Just to make the most of
  the possiblities the author gave them. See the homepage. What do you
  think about it? 

Cya, Han.

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