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Re: remark during env FLAVOR=no_x11 make install of vim

Andrey Smagin (andrey_(_at_)_smagin_(_dot_)_com) wrote:
>> Brad (brad_(_at_)_comstyle_(_dot_)_com) wrote:

>>> You're not on a -current box. -current ports tree is for a
>>> -current box.

>> Ohw a broken tradition. Hmmm is there allready a tracking_switch ;)

> According to some recent announcements, there will be no
> tracking_switch anymore.

I thought I was staying up to date with announcements. I wasn't on
deadly.org :S I can't even find it in the ports archive. Forgive me if
I am wrong.

Request for posting things like this on deadly.org.

> -stable tracks -stable, -current tracks -current,

> and this is good (IMHO).

Absolutely. I hope security related port updates will be added to 3.0

Cya, Han.