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Re: new: graphics/sane-backends

On Fri, Dec 14, 2001 at 09:51:11AM -0500, Ryan McBride wrote:

> > Tested on my SCSI HP 5P on OpenBSD 3.0-stable using /dev/uk0.
> > 
> > Please test this on others as well, especially on USB devices.
> The port doesn't work on my Epson Perfection 610U USB:
> scanimage: open of device epson:/dev/uscanner0 failed: Error during device I/O
> However, if I install sane with the standard "make install" it works
> just fine. 

That's rather wierd. Anybody has an idea why this is the case? 
Did you run 'configure' with any special arguments?

What does 'sane-find-scanner -d /dev/uscanner0' report?


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