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RFC: new port, razor-agents

Hi all,

I took a look at Vipul's Razor at http://razor.sourceforge.net/ and
though it would be fun to play with... so I rolled it into a port :).

In short Vipul's Razor is a spam filtering setup.  Basically a user
checks each incomming message against a database of known spam hashes
and if a match is found the spam can be dealt with as such.

The website explains it much better than I can :).

Anyway, the port of the agents was pretty simple to do and can be found
here: http://www.lectroid.net/projects/ports/razor-agents.tar.gz

I'd like comments for now because I'm still testing the thing myself :).

I have already found one "issue".  The razor docs say it needs (among
other things) Perl Mail-Tools version 1.40 but version 1.15 is the
latest in the ports tree.  But it works fine for me so far :)