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Re: Preview: www/opera 6.0TP2

Christian Weisgerber (naddy_(_at_)_mips_(_dot_)_inka_(_dot_)_de) wrote:
> Han <han_(_at_)_mijncomputer_(_dot_)_nl> wrote:

>> I recently sent a request ot opera. Asking if they could recompile the
>> qt2-libs they use _with_ anti-aliassing.

> Well, theoretically we could use the dynamically linked version and
> fetch shared Qt libs somewhere.

>> Which looks pretty groovy on linux-mandrake with dynamic libs.

> I thought Opera requires Qt 2.2.4 and anti-aliasing was only
> introduced with 2.3.


Hmm, the version I use is Opera 5.05. Which was specially compiled
against the mandrake 8.1 libqt2. Its not available anymore. And that's
why I am not upgrading to Opera 6.

On the other side you could ask the Opera team to build an Opera
against the current libqt for 3.0 but that would mean tons of work.
For every linux/BSD/whatever they had to do it.

But when Opera is rebuild statically against a recent libqt _every_
*nix with XF4 would have AA. And as you can see in the screenshot. Its
really pleasant reading.

Cya, Han.