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Re: some questions

Nikolay Sturm <Nikolay_(_dot_)_Sturm_(_at_)_desy_(_dot_)_de> wrote:

> If I want to update a port of mine and have the choice of using the old
> distfile plus a diff and using a new distfile, what is preferred? (let's
> assume the patch is much smaller than the new distfile)

We usually go with the new distfile.

> We have a port of teTeX, which is rather old (teTeX, not the port). I'd
> like to update some of the stuff comming with teTeX, mainly pdftex. Is
> it in any way possible to get this committed or is it inacceptable for
> one port to update another one?

How is this supposed to work?  A port must not overwrite files that
belong to a different port; if there is such a conflict the packages
must be marked as conflicting and only one can be installed at any

Regarding teTeX, you could modify the port such that it replaces
the included old pdftex with the new one.

> math/fftw needs a working f77
>  - Get a list of architectures without a working f77 (where?) and define
>    NOT_FOR_ARCHS accordingly?

I guess so.  math/fftw may well be the only port so far that requires
f77.  I have no idea on which of our platforms f77 doesn't work.
Add them to NOT_FOR_ARCHS as you run into them.

> net/gnut needs threads
>  - Get a list of architectures without native threads (where?) and
>    define a dependency on pthreads (if possible) or define NOT_FOR_ARCHS
>    accordingly?

Yes.  Where's the question? :-)  If a port requires threads, try
it with our native threads.  Tends to work for i386, tends not to
work for sparc.  If it doesn't on a platform, try with devel/pth
there.  If it still doesn't, use NOT_FOR_ARCHS.  Don't worry too
much about platforms you don't have access to.

Christian "naddy" Weisgerber                          naddy_(_at_)_mips_(_dot_)_inka_(_dot_)_de