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some questions


If I want to update a port of mine and have the choice of using the old
distfile plus a diff and using a new distfile, what is preferred? (let's
assume the patch is much smaller than the new distfile)

We have a port of teTeX, which is rather old (teTeX, not the port). I'd
like to update some of the stuff comming with teTeX, mainly pdftex. Is
it in any way possible to get this committed or is it inacceptable for
one port to update another one?

After my sparc64 bulk package built I encountered problems with two of
my ports and I am not really sure what to do about this:

math/fftw needs a working f77
 - Get a list of architectures without a working f77 (where?) and define
   NOT_FOR_ARCHS accordingly?

net/gnut needs threads
 - Get a list of architectures without native threads (where?) and
   define a dependency on pthreads (if possible) or define NOT_FOR_ARCHS

Or do we just ignore these issues for now? If not, where could the
occasional porter get these infos from?



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