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junkbuster-2.0.2 port did not work on my system (openbsd 2.9)


Wynand does no longer maintain the port and he suggested to post
it here.

The junkbuster-2.0.2 port did not work on my system (openbsd 2.9)
So I used the sources (same version) that I earlier downloaded from
www.junkbuster.com and compiled them and everything works fine...
Are there any hidden Problems with this?

Anyway I send you the log file and junkbstr.ini.

junkbuster is the log file of the latest test with the port and I used
junkbstr.ini also with the junkbuster (sources from www.junkbuster.com 
and that works fine.

$ uname -a 
OpenBSD speedy 2.9 GENERIC#653 i386

I did also this: 

# mkdir -p ~/portslogs
# make clean install 2>&1 | /usr/ports/infrastructure/build/portslogger

I attached is also.

Greetings Michael
Michael Volland 
mail: michael_(_dot_)_volland_(_at_)_gmx_(_dot_)_net

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