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Re: Speaking of broken ports....

--- Peter Hessler <yodadoa_(_at_)_yahoo_(_dot_)_com> wrote:
>The pkg_add IS quite obvious, BUT, say for example you build a package
>that requires pth.  You just go into that port's dir, and do a make. 
>The port you're building notices that you don't have pth, and it gets
>it and installs it all nicely, then goes about its buisness of building
>the port you want.  The pkg_add message for pth went by 3000+ lines
>ago.  In that case you're screwed until you read other docs for it. 
>Especialy if you are building at the console, and you don't have the
>ability to scroll up.
>  Is there a way that the ports can send all of those messages to a
>buffer and just pipe the buffer to more (
or less, lets make it a

Uh?... Can't you just redirect the standard out to a file that
you can look at later?

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