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Re: request for comments : golem window manager

> > Please test, comment and commit.
> For the record, I've made the following changes so far:
> o # $OpenBSD$
> o Clarify license in Makefile
> o No need to declare DISTFILES to default
> o Install THEMES and PLUGINS docs from the distribution
> o Add --disable-plugins option into autoconf and disable plugins
> o Add -fpic for OpenBSD shared cc flags
> o Add notice about golem.install in DESCR
> o Zap PLIST.orig
> Some of these were spotted by lebel@, thanks.

Well, good work heikki and lebel_(_at_)__(_dot_)_
I've looked at modifications and tested, it's great :)
I'll submit modifications to project maintainer.

Now i just need a commiter ;)