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Rules for shared libraries in the ports tree

The ports tree is going to be tracking shared libraries more accurately.

As a result, all porters who maintain ports with shared libraries *MUST*
be aware of the version number rules.
- incompatible change in API (removing functions, changing functions) ->
major number bump.
- compatible change in API (mostly adding new functions, pretty much
  everything else is out) -> minor number bump.

Note that most software authors don't have a clue about this. If you end
up having a libfoo.so.1.2 just because the foo package is at version 1.2,
well, there's a good thing something is seriously wrong.

The idea is that, pretty soon, packages are going to be exactly as picky
as they must be to handle dependent shared libraries.

In order to help maintainers do the right thing, I will try to check
all ports update that involve shared libraries, and I will immediately
mark BROKEN any port that does not respect the rules...

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