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Re: Adding a standard regress target?

Marc Espie wrote on "Re: Adding a standard regress target?": 
> - some packages need different configure switches for the regression tests
> (--enable-testsuite or similar)

databases/db is an example of this. Actually, I couldn't think of
any way to handle this cleanly so I only told how to handle the test 
target to people who were interested in testing the stuff.

> - some packages will need additional dependencies for regression testing.
> I'm thinking in particular of dejagnu and autotest.

databases/db requires the tcl flavor for the tests.

> `regress' as the corresponding target, REGRESS_TARGET would be fine.

Should we do something about the existing `test' targets?

Should `test' invoke `regress'?

> I'm pretty sure both autoconf/perl modules have some standardized way
> of doing this.

I don't know about standards, but my experience suggests that ``check''
is a good bet for autoconf regress target and ``test'' for perl.