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libungif and driftnet

	After some painful work, I've got driftnet compiling and running 
reliably on Open2.9.  www.ex-parrot.com/chris/driftnet/  The question is,
do we want this in the ports tree? Basically, it sniffs traffic and displays
all of hte images going across a device in a window.  It can be terribly
amusing ;)  
	It also requires libungif, which will compile with just a configure;
make; make install.  It's not much of a prt, but should this be done at all?
I've never written a formal port before, but I can write one up by looking 
at docs if people think it's worth it.  Let me know.

Lurene - lurene_(_at_)_menagerie_(_dot_)_tf 
"What I cannot create, I cannot understand"
        -- Richard Feynman

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