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Was (on sparc@) Re: Web browser options?

This is sort of a success story / question...

Netscape can run under compat_sunos or compat_svr4 emulation.  I just
did the latter by snagging these from a Solaris 8 box:


...and followed the instructions in the compat_svr4 manpage.  I then
downloaded Netscape Navigator 4.78 from:


(all one link) and it worked out-of-the-box.  And it even runs faster on
this ss5 under emulation than it did when the box ran Solaris 8  :-)

I'm wondering if this is worth massaging into the netscape port(s),
since sparc (on the surface) doesn't appear to have a gui browser
available, and there's bsdi and linux there already.