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Re: Advanced docs for ports tree?

Brian J. Kifiak wrote on "Re: Advanced docs for ports tree?": 
> > So far I've experienced no difficulty in [using -current ports
> > with 2.9-stable], but I was wondering what others felt about
> > this.
> You'll eventually hit a landmine.  What you're doing is not
> supported, so if you run into problems please don't burn support
> resources trying to figure it out.

Some ports work, some don't.

The switch *happens because it's necessary*. I.e., some port
needs some advanced stuff from bsd.port.mk, pkg tools, or make.
That port will be broken on -stable because old tools and the
new port aren't compatible.

Come on. Do you really need bloat-gnu-tool-0.99-gamma-prerelease-16
*right now* on your -stable or could you possibly wait a few months 
and cope with gamma-prerelease-15?  The releases *do* come in 6 
month periods, you know. :-)

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