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Re: Why were all DJB's ports removed? No more qmail?

On Tuesday, September 4, "D. J. Bernstein" wrote:
> What is the harm of using /package? If the author releases a package in
> /package, why would you want to move it somewhere else?

Dan, this shows your total lack of experience in ever administrating
a site with more than a few dozen (at most) machines, and more than
a few dozen (at most) users.  Please take the necessary 6 months (well,
for stuborn people that might be considerably more) to administer such
a site, and then get back to us.

Note, not everyone follows "conventions" you would like.  Some software
*needs* to be installed in specific locations.  Just wait until you have
a dozen or so of these, on 5-6 different platform types, and you trying
to keep this all up-to-date.  Yes, /package would be nice, if *EVERYONE*
would follow it.  However, site-admins should have to ability to use
whatever layout/location they wish (within reason).  It makes looking
after nonhomogeneous machines a whole lot easier.

Your license, which prohibits myself from adapting your package to be
integrated appropriately into my environment throws yet another monkey
wrench into my carefully laid out plans.  Plans which have been in
*PRODUCTION* for the better part of 5 years.  Changing them is *NOT*

> P.S. Am I the only engineer on this mailing list?

I'm not sure, are you?  May I ask for your engineering credentials?