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Re: Why were all DJB's ports removed? No more qmail?

At 8:09 PM +0000 9/4/01, D. J. Bernstein wrote this lot:
William Allen writes:
 > when you create a new root directory where does it go physically

The allocation of files to filesystems is, as usual, up to the system
administrator. Some reasonable default ways to set up /package: a big
separate filesystem; a symlink into /home; a symlink into /usr; etc.

So, I can install qmail in /usr/local/qmail/... and then make a symlink to /packages/qmail?

I thought your license said that qmail MUST be installed in only one particular location for YOUR choosing, and left not "up to the system administrator"?

Perhaps I've misread, or misunderstood you. Could you illuminate this further please?

If I read you correctly, the system administrator can install packages where ever they need to go according to that systems heirarchy, but then to use you package concept, they need to make symbolic links to the /package heirarchy, thus giving a common cross system point of reference?

Is that correct?

Also, after looking at your pages, I'm wondering why you don't appear to like the POSIX standard. At least it is a standard? No?
I mean, if every Unix distro out there adopted the POSIX standards, including the POSIX OSE(HFS), then pretty much all of arguments about conformance would be moot, wouldn't they?

Well, at least that is their intent as far as I understand it.

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