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emulators/redhat_base: does rpm work?


I'm using OpenBSD -current + -current ports and have:

    alex:alex {107} pkg_info | grep redhat
    rpm-3.0.6          redhat package manager
    redhat_base-6.2p2  linux compatibility package based on Redhat 6.2

installed. However the rpm doesn't seem to work:

    alex:alex {108} rpm -qa
    failed to open /var/db/rpm/packages.rpm: No such file or directory

    rpmQuery: rpmdbOpen() failed


    alex:sybase {118} rpm -i *.rpm
    failed to open /var/db/rpm/packages.rpm: No such file or directory

    error: cannot open /var/db/rpm/packages.rpm

I also wonder why there are 2 different rpm binaries:

    alex:sybase {121} /usr/local/bin/rpm --initdb
    failed to open /var/db/rpm/packages.rpm: No such file or directory

    alex:sybase {122} /emul/linux/bin/rpm --initdb
    /usr/lib/rpm/rpmdb: error in loading shared libraries: libdb-3.1.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

And I'm also surprised, that rpm -qa doesn't work,
since quite a few rpm's (like bash) seem to be installed
during the installation of the emulators/redhat_base itself.

Also what's the ports-policy for Linux-software available as
rpm's only? Do library files go to /emul/linux/lib or to
/usr/local/lib? And is it allowed to modify /emul/linux/etc/ld.so.conf ?


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