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Re: ports and packages lists

Heikki Korpela wrote:

> I guess we should mention it in ports.html that you're strongly encouraged
> to have the ports tree (which is *very* small itself) and use things like
> make readmes or make search key=foo.
> This information *is* in the archives, but nevertheless..

Which would bring us back to the following problem:
after issuing a make readmes all the subdir README.html show this:

arc-5.21e (no description)
bzip-0.21 (no description)

If memory serves me right older releases (2.7) took the COMMENT from the then
existant pkg/COMMENT. However it doesn't seem to do the same thing now
COMMENT has been moved to the port Makefile.

I've checked the template files for the readmes, bsd.port.mk &
bsd.port.subdir but did not find anything that was relevant or not over my
head. It would be very nice to bring this functionality back.

Second remark on make readmes:
The homepage entry is duplicated in the readme.html for each port. Here's an
example based on the rxvt port.

See <a href="http://www.rxvt.org/";>http://www.rxvt.org/</a> for details.

The WWW: ${HOMEPAGE} shows up while the correct homepage is displayed just
below it. Is this just redundant or done for compatibility for ports which
haven't been updated for a while?


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