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Re: New i386 package snapshot

On Thu, Aug 09, 2001 at 11:28:24PM +0000, Christian Weisgerber wrote:

>> editors/cooledit,python         python threading conflict
>> editors/cooledit,python2        python threading conflict
>> graphics/py-Imaging,1.5         python threading conflict
>> graphics/py-Imaging,2.1         python threading conflict
> Those failures are an artifact of the build environment.  These ports
> depend on particular flavors of the python ports.  Other ports that are
> built earlier depend on and install different flavors, so we get a
> conflict.
> Handling this is beyond our current package building framework.

Can I ask whoever knows if the problems above are just because those ports
can't cope with/must have threading involved or whether the port just makes
an arbitrary choice?

I ask, since I think there is a simpleish solution to the problem of the tk
dependency problem which I've run into (build python, don't have the tk
flavour. Oh oh, more clashes), but that the threading problem is probably a
little harder.