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Needed: TACACS+ server source hints

I've been trying for a few hours to beat TACACS+ into compiling on my OpenBSD2.8 system (yes, I haven't upgraded to 2.9 yet, slap me with a wet noodle.)

I found that a straightforward compile for the Cisco TACACS+ implementation didn't work, and that some patches were required... from somewhere.

Using my inexact knowledge that many things that compile on NetBSD also compile on OpenBSD, I tried forcing the patches from a NetBSD port of Cisco's TACACS+ server into place. Well, that got me much farther, but still no Happy-Clean-Compile-Dance.

If anyone out there has the patches required to get TACACS+ running on OpenBSD, I'd appreciate it if they could forward it along, or point me towards a location that might have an appropriate answer for running TACACS+ in such an environment.

The Source: ftp://ftpeng.cisco.com/pub/tacacs/tac_plus.F4.0.4.alpha.tar.Z

The Patches:

The Platform:
Sparc OpenBSD 2.8

The Error:
sparc-proto28# make tac_plus
gcc -DTAC_PLUS_PIDFILE=\"/var/run/tac_plus.pid\" -DMAXSESS -c acct.c
gcc -DTAC_PLUS_PIDFILE=\"/var/run/tac_plus.pid\" -DMAXSESS -c authen.c
gcc -DTAC_PLUS_PIDFILE=\"/var/run/tac_plus.pid\" -DMAXSESS -c author.c
gcc -DTAC_PLUS_PIDFILE=\"/var/run/tac_plus.pid\" -DMAXSESS -c choose_authen.c
gcc -DTAC_PLUS_PIDFILE=\"/var/run/tac_plus.pid\" -DMAXSESS -c config.c
gcc -DTAC_PLUS_PIDFILE=\"/var/run/tac_plus.pid\" -DMAXSESS -c do_acct.c
gcc -DTAC_PLUS_PIDFILE=\"/var/run/tac_plus.pid\" -DMAXSESS -c do_author.c
gcc -DTAC_PLUS_PIDFILE=\"/var/run/tac_plus.pid\" -DMAXSESS -c dump.c
gcc -DTAC_PLUS_PIDFILE=\"/var/run/tac_plus.pid\" -DMAXSESS -c encrypt.c
gcc -DTAC_PLUS_PIDFILE=\"/var/run/tac_plus.pid\" -DMAXSESS -c expire.c
gcc -DTAC_PLUS_PIDFILE=\"/var/run/tac_plus.pid\" -DMAXSESS -c md5.c
gcc -DTAC_PLUS_PIDFILE=\"/var/run/tac_plus.pid\" -DMAXSESS -c packet.c
gcc -DTAC_PLUS_PIDFILE=\"/var/run/tac_plus.pid\" -DMAXSESS -c report.c
gcc -DTAC_PLUS_PIDFILE=\"/var/run/tac_plus.pid\" -DMAXSESS -c sendauth.c
gcc -DTAC_PLUS_PIDFILE=\"/var/run/tac_plus.pid\" -DMAXSESS -c tac_plus.c
tac_plus.c: In function `main':
tac_plus.c:367: warning: passing arg 2 of `signal' from incompatible pointer type
gcc -DTAC_PLUS_PIDFILE=\"/var/run/tac_plus.pid\" -DMAXSESS -c utils.c
In file included from utils.c:29:
/usr/include/malloc.h:4: warning: #warning "<malloc.h> is obsolete, use <stdlib.h>"
gcc -DTAC_PLUS_PIDFILE=\"/var/run/tac_plus.pid\" -DMAXSESS -c pw.c
pw.c: In function `tac_passwd_lookup':
pw.c:118: structure has no member named `pw_age'
pw.c:119: structure has no member named `pw_comment'
*** Error code 1

Stop in /tmp/tacacs/tac_plus.F4.0.4.alpha.

-- JT

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