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So, I think the silence means "nobody is porting it".

Well, I want to port it. And I need help :/

licq-1.0.3 is very portable so it almost compiled without errors.
It required just one silly patch. It's done.

But it requires at least one GUI plugin.

There are already plugin directories ready for 'make' inside working
directory. My approach is set FLAVORS to the plugins' directory names
and make qt-gui the default plugin (FLAVOR?=qt-gui). But after that,
how do I tell the ports system to 'make' into src/qt-gui ?

or should I use multipackages instead?

Is there any other document I should read apart from porting.html?
or examples? (I've read qt2 and php3 Makefiles but they doesn't seem
to apply)

Thanks in advance. I'm really new at this.

Gerardo Santana Gómez Garrido wrote:
> I mean, 1.0.3
> Gerardo Santana Gómez Garrido wrote:
> >
> > a) Is anybody working on licq-0.75.1?
> > b) If not, is there any reason for not porting it? which are them?

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