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Re: net/gaim update

> On my 2.9 system gaim starts with a "gtkspell: Spell command printed on
> stderr -- probably failed." warning.  Any thoughts?

Ah, looks like the port needs to specify a dependency on ispell, which
is used if you have "highlight mispelled words" checked, which probably
defaults to off, which I've probably always had off.  Thanks.

> I suspect that because of this is won't launch from an Enlightenment menu
> either :(.

I turned this option off and uninstalled ispell, then re-ran gaim.  I
get the error you reported, but the program still comes up.  Try
launching it from a terminal window and see what happens.

> What, BTW, would you recommend other than esd that is common enough to be
> somewhat supported?

I wouldn't recommend anything; I don't like sound effects, much less the
overhead of a daemon to play them.  However, naddy@ has informed me that
my FLAVOR usage was incorrect, so esd support will now be optionally
built, defaulting to off.