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Re: "cd graphics/imlib/ && make" do nothing, what now?

David Lebel wrote:
> Quoting Alex Farber (Alexander_(_dot_)_Farber_(_at_)_t-online_(_dot_)_de):
> > cvs -d $CVSROOT up PAd
> it should be -PAd, not PAd.

Sorry, I did -PAd (it was a typo in my mail).

> > alex# cd graphics/imlib/
> > alex# make
> > alex#
> Do a make clean.

My fault! I've panicked after I lost my window manager.
"make" and "make install" didn't do anything not because
the ports system is broken, but because graphics/imlib 
has been already installed. You are right, "make clean" 
helped and I have graphics/imlib and x11/icewm back. 
The bsd.port.mk has even kept my original files as the
very cool! But x11/kde still seems to be broken for me :-(


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