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Gnome port


   I am tempted to add ports for a bunch of Gnome programs, as I've
seen there are no ports for the whole Gnome environment. Before I
start working seriously on them, I would like to know if there is
someone who was already started to work on those ports, or if there
is any reason why I shall not do that.

   There are two aditional ports that I am interested on: Mozilla
and egcs-snapshot.

   I saw someone saying something about Mozilla being unstable under
OpenBSD, so I haven't investigated *much* about it. (I only did ran
Mozilla for about 10 minutes under OpenBSD, but anything is better
than a Mozilla-M17, marked as broken in the ports tree ;)

   The former looks like a nice port to have, and I believe it need
reasonably little effort to update the current egcs-snapshot port
(made for egcs-2000-07-something) to the latest gcc snapshot available.

   I would be glad to know about any possible problems I may find
compiling the ports above.

   Thanks in advance,


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