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Re: junkbuster problem

To all the people out there having trouble with junkbuster, as the 
maintainer and creator of this port, I would like to say that I will be 
having a look at it once my workload lets up (the stuff I'm doing that 
I am getting paid for). Give me about a week or so... i hope.

I am probably going to have a good hard look at my original patches
and will be redoing them with strl instead of strn functions.

Hopefully the strl functions work like I expected the strn functions to
work and cuts out the off by one error getting reported here.

Also, there seems to be some development going on from the guy that
added the patches to show banner ads as clear pictures. Maybe I just
need to redo the whole port using this version instead. This seems like
the only active development going on and if anyone is going to find a
use for my patches it would be this new(ish) project.

Please send me the full URL you (Damien Sullivan) had this error occur
with including all the search string gunk as well.

If anyone out there has a patch to fix my ahem, patch please send it to me.


Wynand van Dyk