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Re: PHP4 and flavors on i386 4/21 snapshot

On Tue, 1 May 2001, Anil Madhavapeddy wrote:

> Greg Thomas wrote:
> > Both times I ended up with a
> > php4-4.0.4pl1-gettext-imap-mhash-mcrypt-curl-postgresql.tgz package
> but
> > both times it's been compiled without the listed support.
> >
> > Am I still doing something wrong?
> You've done 'php4-enable' and stop/started (NOT restarted) Apache?

I'm such a moron.  I was doing php4-enable but I hadn't stopped and
started Apache.  I figured it was something like this.
> And using the in-tree Apache and not one you compiled yourself?


God I love the ports, particularly flavors!  So far I've added fetchmail,
postgresql, and now php4 (and their dependencies) on my 4/21 snapshot and
it hasn't even taken that long on a P166 with 16MB RAM.

Thanks, Greg