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April Submissions

April 2001: Summary of Ports Submitted:
More information can be found at:

package     Marc Espie espie_(_at_)_schutzenberfer_(_dot_)_liafa_(_dot_)_jussieu_(_dot_)_fr
     a pkg_add replacement

vim	5.7     by Jason Ish, 6.0z by Marc Espie
	tree updated to contain both editors

packages-specs(7)     Marc Espie <espie_(_at_)_schutzenberger_(_dot_)_liafa_(_dot_)_jussieu_(_dot_)_fr>
     This does document how package names are supposed to look and, more
     importantly, how this ties in with package conflicts, and new dependencies

ri     Ray Schneider ray_(_at_)_hackfoo_(_dot_)_net  http://hackfoo.net/ports/ri-0.7a.tgz
     ri is a command line tool that displays descriptions of built-in Ruby
     methods, classes, and modules.

rox filer	Couderc Damien couderc_(_dot_)_damien_(_at_)_wanadoo_(_dot_)_fr http://rox.sourceforge.net
	gtk based desktop file manager.

vgb 2.1     Aaron Campbell aaron_(_at_)_monkey_(_dot_)_org http://www.monkey.org/~aaron
     virtual game boy port from freebsd. No source.

mg 1.4    as vgb 2.1 above, but for sega

junkbuster     Wynand van Dyk wynand_(_at_)_type01_(_dot_)_com
     remove banner ad filtering proxy server. David Lebel has taken this one.

p5-blatte     Brian Kifiak bk_(_at_)_rt_(_dot_)_fm
      better latte

kde network 2.1.1,
kdeutils-2.1.1     Flinn Mueller flinn_(_at_)_activeintra_(_dot_)_net

syslogread-0.90     David Lebel lebel_(_at_)_lebel_(_dot_)_org http://www.lebel.org
     Set of tools that are useful in receiving, analyzing, or producing
     syslog messages.

GNU cpio 2.4.2     David Lebel lebel_(_at_)_lebel_(_dot_)_org http://www.lebel.org

fMSX2.3     Rob Ses rob_ses_(_at_)_web_(_dot_)_de
     Its an emulator for the old msx 1/2/2+ computers

gtk-engines 0.12     Cameron Lerch <opcode_(_at_)_skylab_(_dot_)_saturn5_(_dot_)_yi_(_dot_)_org>

Mico     Andre S. Barbosa <andre_(_at_)_infolink_(_dot_)_com_(_dot_)_br> (http://www.mico.org)

IPA-1.1.1 "Andrey Simonenko" <simon_(_at_)_comsys_(_dot_)_ntu-kpi_(_dot_)_kiev_(_dot_)_ua> http://www.simon.org.ua/ipa/

Jesred     Couderc Damien <couderc_(_dot_)_damien_(_at_)_wanadoo_(_dot_)_fr>
    is a squid redirector program

jakarta-ant-1.3      Felix Kronlage <fkr-ml_(_at_)_grummel_(_dot_)_net>
 	Java based build tool, depends on blackdown-jdk-122 port.

qtools     "Brian J. Kifiak" <bk_(_at_)_rt_(_dot_)_fm>
	.qmail command processing.

x11/aewm     Joshua Stein <jcs_(_at_)_rt_(_dot_)_fm>
	minimalistic window manager for X11.  It has no nifty
	features, but is light on resources and extremely simple in appearance.

If you like this feature, have comments or suggestions please email me and let me know.
Later . . . 'liam

William C Allen, BLS, EET

"It may be that your sole purpose in life is to serve as a warning to others"
At least I /have/ a purpose!