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net/samba-2.2.0 (tested)

I tested Samba-2.2.0 the last two days on a -current box with a 100 GB
RAID (ICP is sweet ;). I mounted it with softdep, enabled smb.conf write
cache, and gave it something to do (filling it, doing conversions on the
data, repeatedly, from several clients concurrently).

The speed was limited by my 100-base network (as expected, around 85% of
ftp). It now runs for 48 hours without the slightest problem, and I'll
not go back to 2.0.2. Both WinNT and Win2k (as well as the old smbclient
and sharity light) have no problems with the new server.

I couldn't test the optional stuff (FLAVORS) yet. Is there a client that
supports SSL for OpenBSD or WinNT yet?

If someone has suggestions for additional tests, let me know and I'll do