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Re: I am missing files needed for the CD release.

On Fri, Apr 20, 2001 at 10:50:21AM -0600, Theo de Raadt wrote:

> Why you guys slave away for 6 months on packages, and then blow it in
> the last two weeks, I simply cannot comprehend.

I'm not sure who you mean. If you mean anyone who can help (and not just
a couple of persons that already know their supposed to do it), tell me
so. I'm sure several people on this list (including me) could help, if
they know exactly what is needed. Is there some documentation of how to
build the packages for the release? A recent 2.9-beta with -current
ports tree is enough? Where to upload the packages? What packages for
what platforms are missing? Any special instructions to follow, or just
an ordinary 'make package'?

Until now I assumed you meant only the ports committers. Or didn't you?

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