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Here's a port for Samba 2.2.0, based on the -current 2.0.8 port. Only
a few changes were required:

 1) The new configure option --with-configdir is used instead of
    patching Makefile.in.

 2) MAKE_FLAGS is used to set PASSWD_PROGRAM instead of patching.
    No need to patch Makefile.in anymore.

 3) Converted the configure.in patch from 2.0.8 (so sslinc and ssllib
    can be set).

 4) Commented lines in port Makefile replaced by FLAVORS (similar
    to the php4 port). Some new configure options (like --with-profile)
    added. I only tested unflavored and ssl yet, though.

 5) Some docs/examples have been added/removed, PLIST updated.

Tested on 2.9-beta powerpc and i386 (typescript attached). There are
two things I can't resolve:

 1) During 'make patch' (!) I get the following warnings:

    configure.in:378: warning: AC_TRY_RUN called without default to
    allow cross compiling

    I tried searching for that message on google, but I don't understand
    autoconf enough, it seems.

 2) Warning about mktemp() usage. HAVE_SECURE_MKSTEMP is defined and
    mkstemp() used, except in one case. Documented in pkg/SECURITY
    (same comment as in 2.0.8). I don't know why they changed everything
    to mkstemp() except this one.

    Warning about setreuid() and setregid() usage. I don't know how to
    properly change this, nor whether it's required in this case.

I'm going to test all new features on a heavily used fileserver
tomorrow, especially the PDC and profile features and interaction
with different client OS.

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