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Re: Announcing new ports and telling what they're all about

I don't want to sound like a jerk here, but oh well.

Bitch, moan, complain. 
"I want my descriptions of this, that and the other thing, but
I want it MY way".
"Why can't it have pictures?"
"Why does it have to be so detailed?"
"Why isn't it detailed enough?"
"Why do I have to go to a web page?"

For crissikas, I've seen so many messages this morning from
people who are too lazy to actually go out and do anything
themselves but would rather complain.

This is not Winderz and it's not a Mac.  This is Unix.
If you want a description, write a script to go grab it
out of CVS, or your ports tree or whatever.  Use cron(8). If you have
to go to a webpage, than use wget to retieve it for you.
Write a procmail filter to call a perl script to lookup port
names that come in your inbox.  For those who have never
tried it, Perl manipulates text REALLY WELL.  TIMTOWTDI.

The people who work on ports and this great OS work hard on
what they do to make it work well.  I for one think that 
as thanks, people can get off their butts and use the tools 
that all those people worked on to make their own experience.

Maybe someone who's complaining can write the tool
that goes and sticks the DESCR info at the end of
all email sent to ports@ based on what is being sent.

I cringe at the day when I read on one of these mailing
lists "Why can't I just do all my systems administration
on OpenBSD with a nice point and click GUI like on my
other OS?"

This email is in no way directed at any one person but I
think that attitude in general is pretty ridiculous.


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