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newdepends and 2.8-stable

I've searched this list and misc for "newdepend" and not seen anything
that helps, so ...

I have my box track -stable, not -current.  So I've not gotten the new
pkg handling stuff.  But I track -current in ports -- it's a stability
tradeoff.  So, I can build ports okay, but when doing a before-and-after
check of "pkg_info -R png", I found that there were no dependencies
after I rebuilt them.  Looking closer, I found that @newdepend was being

 (1) Is it possible to have a pkg update made into a port, or something
     which makes this available to -stable users, please?
 (2) Is there a way to fix the dependencies on the installed packages?
     Am I looking at having to code something myself in perl?  If so,
     what things should I be looking at?  I think that checking the
     version number from the name in /var/db/pkg-version against the
     version in the ports-tree Makefile, and then pulling @newdepend
     from PLIST should mostly handle it, but handling the FLAVOR stuff,
     with the various PLIST amendments, seems potentially horrible.

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