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Re: www/w3m: m17n flavor

> The attached patch adds a multilingualization (m17n) flavor to w3m.

I compiled from ports, it runs fine on kterm. great!

> The combination of the "kanji" and "m17n" flavors also goes through

what does it mean "combination of ..."?  I can make both flavors by
  env FLAVOR=kanji make package
  env FLAVOR=m17n make package
  env FLAVOR=kanji-m17n make package
doesn't work, of course.
do I understand the situation correctly?

> Unicode.  A possible alternative would be to "display multilingual
> text with ISO-2022-* on kterm".  If Japanese users prefer this, I
> can change the behavior.

looks like w3m- displays unicodes by default.
I need to change display_charset option to ISO-2022-JP from the option panel.

I don't know which is more popular environment, kterm or utf-8 xterm, so,
I'm not sure which should be default.
how about adding a little to DESCR for kterm users?

-- yozo.