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new: sdl and smpeg

There had been some discussions about SDL and smpeg previously, I was
working on both of them and now I can come up with something complete.

The sdl is the _newest_ version out, 1.1.8 - 1.1 is said to be the
development branch, but it has became a standart, since the last 1.0
"stable" one was released last year, and 90% of the code nowadays
_requires_ 1.1. If there are objections, there can be created devel/
stable/ subdirectories of the port for example, but it's a lot of
additional work. The audio is working through esd/oss currently (there
is "sun" support, so it should be relatively easy to do it in the native
OpenBSD way from there.. I can try to deal with this in the future).

I've created a port of a game called "lbreakout" which fully uses the
sdl library. Note that once sdl && smpeg are in, people can easily run 
a gazillion of applications currently developed with them.

The smpeg package comes with a very simple mpeg player "gtv", which is
fully-functional - sound, video, etc. 
( The glplayer (glmovie) is disabled on purpose, I couldn't get it run
whatever I did. If someone decides to play with it and reaches some
level of success, please let me know )

The 3 gzipped tarballs can be fetched from:

http://www.toxiclinux.org/ports/sdl.tar.gz		# SDL 1.1.8
http://www.toxiclinux.org/ports/smpeg.tar.gz		# SMPEG 0.4.2
http://www.toxiclinux.org/ports/lbreakout.tar.gz	# Version 001104

Peter Valchev <pvalchev_(_at_)_toxiclinux_(_dot_)_org>