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Re: Port of Gnapster

According to Christian Weisgerber:
> Marc Espie <Marc_(_dot_)_Espie_(_at_)_liafa_(_dot_)_jussieu_(_dot_)_fr> wrote:
> > Huh ? If gtk always needs gettext,
> Well, most gtk clients lug their private copy of gettext around,
> but then we don't want to use that.
> > then gtk-config MUST have the right paths, e.g., -I/usr/local/include
> > -I/usr/local/include/glib or something.
> Phrased like that, it makes sense.  Brad, are you listening?

Upgrade glib THEN gtk.  In THAT order.  Since both glib and gtk  had the 
directories moved, you screw yourself if you upgrade in the wrong order.

A number of people did just that, and complained to me about nmap being
broken.  I followed their steps, and realized that what they did.


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