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New Port: sendfile, SAFT reference Implementation

I just finished my port of sendfile which took me a long time. That's the
reason why the distfile is way too old to commit this yet.

However, I want to post this to ports@ for further discussion.

There are 61 fopen and 26 sprintf function calls in the code, for example.
I don't know how to handle this. (This may have changed in newer versions
of sendfile.)

# cat pkg/COMMENT                                                                     
simple asynchronous file transfer reference implementation

# cat pkg/DESCR                                                                       
SAFT (Simple Asynchronous File Transfer) is a new Internet protocol for
sending files and messages asynchronously.  This is useful, because you don't 
have to log on to the receiving site to do it.  You simply tell the
sendfile program a file name and where to send it:
"sendfile your_file user_(_at_)_somedomain" (Of course there are options).

The package includes: A sendfile client (which sends files), a sendmsg
client (which sends messages), a receive client (which copies files from
the local sendfile spool to the recipient's current directory) and a
sendfiled server (which receives files and messages and stores them in the
local sendfile spool).

NOTE: If you wish to use fetchfile (which is an optional extension to
          sendfile,) you need to have pgp installed, too.

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