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moon-buggy port


attached to the mail is a port for moon-buggy-0.5.1.

>From DESCR:

Moon-buggy is a simple character graphics game, where you drive some
kind of car across the moon's surface.  Unfortunately there are
dangerous craters there.  Fortunately your car can jump over them!

This is my first port, please check it for any newbie-errors.

I do have one question about .info-files and PLIST:

http://openbsd.org/checklist.html says about .info-files the following:

|Update the info/dir file if .info files are added. Also, be sure that
|the info/dir is not part of the PLIST. 

Didn't quiet understand, what is meant with that...any hints?

Is MAINTAINER supposed to point to ports_(_at_)_openbsd_(_dot_)_org or should I set my
mail-address there?

The port builds fine on my -current i386-box. Sorry, don't have any
other arch to test.

kind regards,
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