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Re: Ports Review

I don't think these are useless, what you've been posting.  It's a problem
that others don't seem to be using/testing them at the moment, I agree.
But it's good having them in the ports collection, as others will find and
use them in the future.  If you found it worthwhile to make the port,
others will find use for them too.

--STeve Andre'

At 12:33 AM 3/5/01 +0800, Shell Hung wrote:
Shell Hung wrote:
> Hi all,
>     Did someone review these port, anymore comment ?
>     If no problems, can someone commit it or.. ??
Seems no one interesting or maybe these ports are useless ... :-)

If yes, please tell me, I'll give it, and won't post these ports here
again.. thank you..

Best Regards            http://www.shellhung.org
Shell Hung              ftp://ftp.shellhung.org