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Re: port asp2php

Hi all,

	asp2php is a converter for converting ASP to PHP, it can work with five
databases, mysql, pgsql ..., I have test this port with only php3 and
php4 part, can someone help me to test gui part please ?

	It required php{3/4} to work, and GTK for gui part..

	Just set FLAVOR?= to gui and one of the PHP version you are using, and
test if it can success to convert ASP page to PHP... Thank you !

	Please tell me if any problems of the port, thank you very much!

ps. b'cos some problems, this post maybe duplicated, if yes, I am very
sorry about that..

Best Regards,			http://www.shellhung.org
Shell Hung			ftp://ftp.shellhung.org

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