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updated nslint port

Hi all,

This is an update to the nslint port I posted a week or two ago.  The
update is that now there is a "static" flavor - not so easy since
nslint's configure doesn't support --enable-shared or --disable-shared.
If you chroot your nameserver, a statically compiled nslint will save
you from having to copy shared libraries into your chroot jail.
(Because nslint reads BIND's config files to determine which files
refer to which zone, you have to chroot nslint to work with BIND
config files written for a chrooted BIND.)

Nslint works fine for us under OpenBSD 2.8 (patched) on i386, compiled
static.  Because we chroot our nameserver (and thus our nslint) I
haven't verified the dynamically-linked one, so I would appreciate a
test on that.

As far as name server versions, nslint has worked fine with both BIND
8 and 9 for us, and it claims to work with BIND 4.



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