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ports for beginners :(


I just begin to stumble deeper into the ports forest and come
across two questions:

- LPRng is marked broken and therefore doesn't even build...
  Is the proper way to build a BROKEN port to just undefine that
  BROKEN in the Makefile? I already run LPRng otherwise and think
  I know what I'm doing there, but didn't find an obvious way
  to override this otherwise.

- I'm setting up INN-2.3.1 on a machine and discovered underway that
  there is no port already there. With a tiny bit of tweaking it compiles,
  but I'm not through the config yet (it's markedly different from 1.7.2
  which I also run). Is anyone already working on it, or am I to roll
  this into a port once I figure out how to do it?


Best Regards,