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Syncronising symlinks for flavored packages - perl script

I have a standalone perl-script which I knocked up, to handle the
current hack situation for flavoured ports/packages.  It creates and
deletes symbolic links in /var/db/pkg/ each time that it is run.

File is 53 lines, which includes vertical spammage (comments, etc).

# Assumptions:
#  Flavor names start with a letter and don't contain a hyphen
#  It's always an error to have multiple flavors of the same version installed

It does handle multiple applied flavours for the version which does
exist (eg, mutt-1.2.5i-slang-imap-pop).

Insofar as there's a license, it's the OpenBSD one.

If interested, nab it from

SHA1 (pkg_flavor_sync.pl) = 8df224401cff9f8e6cff90d88f7e674a769796ad
RMD160 (pkg_flavor_sync.pl) = 6fbe0d80bed161dd2d81bcf072ae19dcfc522fd1
MD5 (pkg_flavor_sync.pl) = eb514233115bada417d9dc51fe48460b

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